Do you have successful processes to support an ongoing ITAM program?
What expertise is required to implement tools and populate data?
Do the tools in use support processes and include all touch points?

Is there an accurate baseline of IT asset records?
What we do

Implementing an ITAM program is as much about process as it is about tools, and that's where we begin. Process development requires the cooperation of many departments to be effective. We help foster the interaction necessary to develop and implement ITAM processes.

Once processes are designed and documented, tools to automate the processes can be evaluated. Software Success Partners provides unbiased recommendations and helps you determine what types of tools are required. You may already have some or all of the tools you need, or you may need to evaluate and purchase additional tools. We are well-versed with many commercial products, and will help you better utilize existing tools wherever possible.

Once you have selected tools, we can also help you take your implementation to the next step by assisting with data mapping, initial data population and baseline. This includes:

  • Implementing data requirements - Uncovered through Foundation Services, data requirements must be matched to tools capabilities and processes. Minimize data collected to what is needed to satisfy the business requirements.
  • Bringing your data together - What inventories already exist? Is there too much or too little data? What other data sources will be used? Can different sources of data be compared as apples to apples? We have extensive experience with data scrubbing and can help bring order to chaos.
  • Populating a repository - A central theme in ITAM best practices is to have a single source of truth. This is your asset repository. Having an asset repository populated with a sample of actual data will get you started with real asset information.
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